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Principal TeachEvolve

Here's a glimpse of what we have in store:

Job Board

Exclusively for schools and teachers with education-specific search filters. Easily find and connect with a teacher that is a certain race, a 7th-grade math teacher and a rugby coach.

Criminal Clearance Dashboard

Monitor the criminal clearance status of your teachers & staff, with their permission of course.

Digital Notifications and Letters to Parents

Send notifications & letters to parents, which they can fill in & sign digitally – saving you time & paper.

Contributions Dashboard

Streamlined way to request sponsorships & donations in SA or funding from TeachEvolve.

TE Legal Team

Like AfriForum but aimed at assisting teachers and schools.

Drivers License Dashboard

Stay updated on your teacher’s & staff driver’s license status and receive timely notifications before it expires. 

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Our Journey Forward

Pioneer Stage

Track needs of schools, teachers, and pupils on EvolveMeter (v1) and secure funding for the next phase.

Citizen Stage

Roll out Self-Sovereign Identity and Credential Wallet technology throughout SA.

EvolveMeter Stage

Register all citizens, establish their Self-Sovereign Identity, and integrate into EvolveMeter (v2).

Continual Progress

Launch diverse solutions tailored for each educational stakeholder and regularly introduce new solutions.

We Want to Hear From You

Help us understand the challenges you face in your educational role.
Share your biggest problem and your thoughts on a possible solution.

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