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For Schools

Introducing the EvolveMeter™ Core - the NO-COST way to identify and address your school's, teachers and pupils needs.

For Teachers

Teachers, you are the pillars of our future, yet you grapple with challenges such as inadequate salaries, limited resources, time management issues and outdated curriculums.

“Redefining the definition of a Teacher,
Elevating your status and value in Society”

At TeachEvolve, we're dedicated to:
Prioritizing You:

Shifting the power pyramid in education to provide you with increased support, recognition and a voice, putting you at the forefront of driving change!

Ultimate Collaboration Platform:

Bridging the gap between teachers, schools, parents, students, businesses, unions, Edtech, and the government. Our platform will offer tools and solutions that benefit all stakeholders in education, aiming to transform the educational landscape.

Empowering You:

With SSI and Credential Wallet technology, you'll have full ownership and control over your information, and even opportunities to earn financially from it. Plus, thanks to a revolutionary storage method, your credentials and degree will be verified once and for all.

One of the many benefits is that tasks like SACE registration or renewal become a breeze on your phone, and you'll discover new ways to earn from the efforts you're already putting in.

Amplifying Your Voice: 

Have a say in decision-making, suggest developmental areas, and vote for solutions. By being a part of our ownership economy, you'll own a share in TeachEvolve, amplifying your voice and increasing your financial earnings even further.

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