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Here's a glimpse of what we have in store:

Instant Drivers License Renewal

Renew your driver’s license instantly on your phone using our self-sovereign identity and credential wallet technology.

Digital School Letters & Notifications

Go digital with School Letters & Notifications! Receive, sign, and stay informed with fingerprint-scanned digital letters, saving paper and boosting efficiency.

Your child’s Mental well-being

View your kid(s) emotional intelligence, receive tips and be proactive about mental health. 

EvolveMeter: Assess, Empower, and Measure Impact

EvolveMeter is a powerful tool that assesses children, empowering them and their parents to discover opportunities for their future. It also measures individuals’ positive impact on society, evaluating their contribution to the betterment of our global community.


A comprehensive dashboard displaying available scholarships in South Africa and abroad, including requirements and the ability to apply.

Curriculum Improvements

Revamping the curriculum for a future-ready education – relevant, innovative, and student-focused!

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Our Journey Forward

Pioneer Stage

Track needs of schools, teachers, and pupils on EvolveMeter (v1) and secure funding for the next phase.

Citizen Stage

Roll out Self-Sovereign Identity and Credential Wallet technology throughout SA.

EvolveMeter Stage

Register all citizens, establish their Self-Sovereign Identity, and integrate into EvolveMeter (v2).

Continual Progress

Launch diverse solutions tailored for each educational stakeholder and regularly introduce new solutions.

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