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Here's a glimpse of what we have in store for you:

Criminal Clearance Dashboard

Efficiently monitor the criminal clearance status of your employees, with their permission of course.

Drivers License Dashboard

Stay informed about your employee’s driver’s license status and receive timely notifications before expiration. 

Self-sovereign Identity and Variable Credential Wallet

This new technology will unlock the following potential for your business, enhanced security, streamlined customer onboarding, improved trust and compliance, seamless interactions, and cost savings.

AI Courses

Equip your employees with time-saving skills through our AI courses designed to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Identify Talent Early

Data-driven approach to recognize and support exceptional students, providing scholarship opportunities based on comprehensive analysis.

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Our Journey Forward

Pioneer Stage

Track needs of schools, teachers, and pupils on EvolveMeter (v1) and secure funding for the next phase.

Citizen Stage

Roll out Self-Sovereign Identity and Credential Wallet technology throughout SA.

EvolveMeter Stage

Register all citizens, establish their Self-Sovereign Identity, and integrate into EvolveMeter (v2).

Continual Progress

Launch diverse solutions tailored for each educational stakeholder and regularly introduce new solutions.

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